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Tractor Driven Onion Transplanter

Category : Agricultural (General)


Pandharinath Sarjerao More


The task of transplanting onion seedlings manually is time consuming, labor intensive and toilsome process. Innovator Shri More, who is a farmer, has developed an affordable, semi-automatic transplanter for timely sowing of onion seedlings.

It is a tractor drawn semi - automatic Onion transplanter. It can perform three functions at a time viz. transplanting the onion, applying the fertilizer and making the irrigation channels. When the tractor moves forward, the star wheel type metering mechanism gets the drive to release the fertilizer in the tubes. The seedlings are delivered manually in the delivery chutes for planting. The inter-row and inter-plant spacing can be adjusted in the machine to a finer level. Two depth controlling wheels fitted on either ends of the equipment maintain the uniform depth of onion planting, which is kept at 1 cm. A channel forming ridger plough is mounted offset to the right end of the transplanter to form the irrigation channel simultaneously

  • Power required: More than 25hp tractor
  • Working width: 1.5 metres (includes 8 furrow openers)
  • Plant Spacing: 18 x 9 cm
  • Depth of plantation: 1 cm
  • Transplants 555950 seedlings per ha. (as against 420000 to 470000 in conventional planting)
  • Manpower Requirement: 5 labours (1 driver + 4 labours)
  • Capacity: 1 hectare per day (of 8 hours)
  • Weight:  300-350 kg  (with fertilizer drilling arrangement)
  • Uniform Planting ( maintain row to row and plant to plant spacing)
  • It gives 100 % of plant emergence
  • Facilitates the mechanical weeding and harvesting
  • It can also be used for drilling the cereals and pulses