(1) Developing ASEAN-India Innovation Platform wherein the ASEAN-India “Innovation bank” or data /information is made available and also we connect Innovative Solutions and Innovation Mentors of India withMentors from ASEAN countries.

  • Pooling all the open source innovations/ technologies
  • Pooling all expired and abandoned patents
  • Outstanding Indo-ASEAN innovations at Festival of Innovation (FOIN)
  • Sharing some of the selected innovations in multi-language, Multimedia format

(2) Organization of periodic workshop/seminar / Innovation Fair/ Exhibition in India and ASEAN for new Innovative idea sourcing / harnessing / nurturing etc. for society

  • India can take lead and facilitate pooling of functional traditional knowledge which has contemporary relevance for health, environmental conservation, water conservation
  • The collaboration among technology/ engineering/medical/ biotechnology/ agriculture students of the region can be encouraged to foster innovation by young students.
  • Grassroots innovations including those stemming from children creativity will need to be celebrated at the platform and India will share its IGNITE and Inspire MANAK model.

(3) Linking of already existing Innovation Networks in India and ASEAN countries

  • Vital mission to harness the social and ethical capital of social movements and networks dealing with innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Special focus on the networks which bring academics, entrepreneurs, professionals, students and policy makers together.

(4) Development of low cost technology / innovative ideas in a project mode and further transfer/implementation at ground level. 

  • Research and development followed by product development through in-Situ Incubation and its large scale commercialization and technology diffusion.

(5) Challenge awardsfor addressing persistent problem of the region with regards to meeting unmet social, environmental and other futuristic needs

  • Regional and global challenges can be issued for shared problems faced by common people, elderly, and the women.
  • Similarly, waste utilization and reduction of non-recyclable waste is a common problem of the region.
  • Developing low cost recyclable and re-purposeful packaging material is a dire need to promote sanitation, health of river and lakes and the entire eco-system.