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Poultry Raking Machine

Category : Engineering

Sureshbhai Patel


Raking is necessary to keep poultry in good health. Due to Scarcity of labor, Innovator faced problem for raking manually in his Poultry farm. He started thinking to mechanize the process & developed a poultry raking machine.

It is an electric machine used for turning/disturbing the layers from bottom to top of poultry wastes accumulated in the farm. The user holds the machine from the handle. The electric motor provides power to the driving shaft through belt & pulleys and chain & sprockets after net speed reduction of 1:34. The motor gives traction for propelling the machine forward. The racking is achieved by the wheels having lugs and blade.

  • Motor: 1 hp single phase -1400 rpm
  • Pulley: Pulley no. 1 – 25 cm diameter; Pulley no. 2 – 8 cm diameter
  • Belt: Length – 103 cm, Width – 2 cm
  • Sprocket: Sprocket no. 1 – 20 cm diameter; Sprocket no. 2 – 6 cm diameter
  • Chain: Length – 85 cm, Width – 1.5 cm
  • Raking tool: Blade made of mild steel, 75 cm effective width
  • Wheel : Two metallic wheels of 40 cm diameter having lugs
  • It can reduce over 50% of labor cost by making the raking process effective for poultry farm. Raking machine can cover 15,000 square feet/h by employing two people while the same done manually would take 6 hours.
  • It is very useful tool in reducing the chick mortality rate and overall better up keeping of chicks growth.
  • There is a noticeable reduction in foul odour when raking is done using this machine, as against manual raking.