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Pole climber

Category : Utility


Nannam Thirupati Rao

Andhra Pradesh

The most common device used for climbing poles, a ladder may not be stable as height increases and oftentimes require another person to hold it at the bottom to make it stable. Not only does this makes working at heights a difficult and unsafe task, it might also require external aid. The simple pole climber is an innovative tool for climbing up and working conveniently at heights over long electric poles, thereby safeguarding the occupational safety of workers. It serves as a personal tool capable of delivering the comfort of a ladder while climbing, without actually its help.

  • Weight: 3 kg per pair.
  • 16 mm sq. MS rod; length: 33 inches (for 8m pole) and 34 inches (for 9m pole).
  • APL brand polyvinyl chloride sandals.
  • 3/8-inch nut bolts.
  • Tested to carry a weight up to 450 kg.