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Electric loom for making bandages

Category : Textile


Salam Rajesh Kumar Singh


This automatic electrical handloom machine is made by using different used and new automobile parts and ½ hp motor. This machine operates without any outside input. The machine requires only one weaver per machine and the production capacity of this machine is more than conventional machine.

  • The machine consists of a wooden frame.
  • The machine has weaving area of 46’’ (inches).
  • The machine has varying speeds as mentioned below:
  • - High speed: three shuttle motion per 2 second.
  • - Medium speed: one shuttle motion per 5 second.
  • - Low speed: 2 shuttle motion per 3 second.
  • The speed can be varied depends upon the type of clothes.
  • The supporting equipment and accessories with this machine are:
  • - Electrical spinning wheel (Charkha):
  • The handloom is assisted by one ¼ hp motor; Spinning wheel is made by bamboo and woods.
  • - Thread roller drum: This is the ordinary household thread roller drum.