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ASEAN India Innovation SUMMIT in Sep 2018


PUSPIPTEK Innovation Festival is a festival dedicated to displaying and sharing information about PUSPIPTEK (the Science and Technology Research Centre of Indonesia), its works, and the achievements that resulted. The goal is to invite people to know more and find out more about PUSPIPTEK and their work on the development of science and technology of Indonesia, which ultimately encourages the growth of innovation culture in society. Such an event is potential of disseminating science and technology to the wider community. Themed this year as Kenal (know), Proud, Tell, it will be held in cooperation with Kemenristekdikti (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia) and the City Government of South Tangerang. Various events will be displayed, such as seminars, workshops with various topics, Puspiptek Science Expo, Kids Science Expo, science demo, treasure hunt, visit to Batan nuclear research reactor, among others.

Indonesia is assumed to have significant potential to improve its innovation capability as its economy grows in the future. In order to promote and strengthen policies, and strengthen the capacity of grassroots innovation in Indonesia, countries that have successfully developed and implemented the concept of grassroots innovation such as India have a critical role to play through sharing experiences and best practices. To propagate the same, the ASEAN-INDIA Grassroots Innovation Forum will be held as a part of “PUSPIPTEK Innovation Festival 2018” from 27th-30th September.

The event is planned to be opened by the President of Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and will consist of the following activities: i) a Seminar on Grassroots Innovation, ii) a Grassroots Innovation Competition, and iii) an Exhibition on Grassroots Innovation.


  • Encourage innovation among grassroots communities.
  • Strengthen the regulation to create ecosystem for grassroots innovation.
  • Share experience and best practices in grassroots innovation among ASEAN communities and India.
  • Promote and socialize grassroots innovation products to governments, academics, business actors and the wider community.

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